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zhejiang eking industrial technology co., ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of precision metal parts. it is specialized in the research and development, design and production of metal product structural parts. it develops and provides customized manufacturing solutions for customers. products are widely used in consumer electronics, auto parts, mechanical tools, medical equipment and other fields, in product development, mold development, process design, product manufacturing, quality control, etc., to help customers continue to maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

zhejiang eking industrial technology co., ltd is located in jiashan, and has its own plant in the city of shanghai songjiang, jiangsu suzhou, zhejiang jiashan , which are in the yangtze river delta, and it also has professional design team, convenient geographical location, attracting and serving the world famous enterprises. zhejiang eking industrial technology co., ltd provides a full range of process production services in easy cnc, automatic turning, metal powder injection molding (mim), stamping, and metal surface treatment etc., providing a wide range of customers with a full range of process production services, having been widely recognized by customers.

in the future development, the company will be based on the integration of global strategy to integrate resources, based on the chinese market to serve the needs of customers around the world, aiming at achieving the goal of "the fastest response to the whole metal parts manufacturing enterprises.”   

zhejiang eking industrial technology co.,ltd
address: no. 19 changjiang road, jiashan economic and technological development zone, zhejiang, china